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We use customer insights and media intelligence across all channels - press, web, radio, TV, social media - to support your marketing decisions with relevant data about your audience, their concerns and their interests.

Our use cases

Our unique approach in five steps

1. We are "cross-media". We monitor all media and social media channels so nothing escapes your attention.

From print press, radio and tv to social media, online news, forums, and blogs, we integrate all content and data from earned, paid and owned media, offering you a comprehensive overview and measurement of your media impact.

2. We are the "all-in-one" solution, your 360° cockpit for all your channels and media data.

One single platform to manage all your reputation indicators in real time. A complete overview of your cross-media presence is just a few clicks away. An all-in-one solution with all the key indicators you need.

3. We are your "brand experts". We support the success of your brand.

A team of experts at your side, studying your challenges and proposing custom solutions. Sample our personalized services, including tailored and relevant alerts, reports, and dashboards.

4. We are "tech wizards" inspiring you with AI-powered insights.

We believe the secret to transforming mass information into actionable insights is hybrid intelligence: a seamless integration of innovative AI technology and human expertise.

5. We are your "one-stop shop". We offer media monotoring, analysis and integrated digital solutions.

Your challenges evolve throughout the year, your marketing campaigns succeed one another, and your markets transform. We flexibly adapt our solution to support you at every stage.

Customers from the Auxipress Group:

"Auxipress is really good, the fact that you also cover audiovisual content is a huge step forward for TUI Belgium. Thanks to Auxipress"

Piet Demeyere, Head Of External Communications TUI Belgium

"Your monitoring is a mine of information; information that is worth its weight in gold! It helps us to better visualise and understand our microcosm."

Sebastiaan De Meester, Corporate Affairs Manager At Alken-Maes

"There are so many different platforms today that I particularly value receiving everything directly from Auxipress, knowing it will be relevant and exhaustive."

Barbara Malengreaux, Owner Of MaGnetik Agency

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